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Doris Wofford Armenaki Collection

Identifier: WV 0079
Scope and Contents Doris Wofford Armenaki of Cornelia, Ga., served in the Cadet Nurse Corps and the Army Nurse Corps during World War II.Included are artifacts, an oral history interview, and a photograph documenting Armenaki's service and nursing experiences. Artifacts include dog tags, identification materials, an Army Nurse Corps cloisonne pin, and army patches. Oral history interview documents Armenaki's early education, her military service, her personal life after the war, and her nurses...
Dates: 1944-1999

Dorothy B. Austell Collection

Identifier: WV 0184
Content Description

The collection includes an oral history transcript, 18 September 2000; a photograph of Austell in uniform, 1943.

Dates: 1943-2000

Dorothy Avery Collection

Identifier: WV 0204
Content Description The collection includes photographs of Avery during service as a Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) at Avenger Field, Texas, circa 1943 to 1944; graduation announcement card for Avery from the Army Air Force Flying Training Detachment at Avenger Field; souvenir from Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico; copy of newspaper article on the Women's Trainee Program at Avenger Field; miscellaneous personal correspondence, circa 1943 to 1945; and Navy-Lockheed Service Center publication, "The Harpoon",...
Dates: circa 1943-1945

Elizabeth "Betty" Bachman Collection

Identifier: WV 0315
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of approximately 30 pieces of correspondence during 1943 between Bachman and Miss Cecil De Long of Wapakoneta, Ohio. The letters indicate that Bachman and De Long had a romantic relationship.

Dates: 1943

Jaenn Coz Bailey Collection

Identifier: WV 0141
Content Description

The collection includes an oral history transcript, 13 January 2000; Navy military papers, 1944-1946; various correspondence, 1945-1946; various photographs of Bailey's Navy WAVES service, 1943-1946; various newspaper clippings, 1943-1946; personal memoirs of Bailey's WAVES service, undated.

Dates: circa 1944-2000

Susie Winston Bain Collection

Identifier: WV 0185
Abstract Susie Winston Bain of Markham, Texas, was a WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) during World War II.Correspondence, artifacts, textiles, printed material, clippings, and an oral history interview document Susie Winston Bain's 1943-1944 service as a WASP. Letters from Bain to her family describe daily life on base in Laredo, Texas, in 1944. Military and personal papers document Bain's activities as a pilot during WWII and in post-war Greensboro, North Carolina. Newspapers and...
Dates: 1943 - 2000; 1944

Beverly Barksdale Sheppe Collection

Identifier: WV 0103
Content Description

The collection includes an oral history transcript, 17 July 1999; 2 photographs of Sheppe during her American Red Cross service, circa 1945.

Dates: circa 1945-1999

Bertha Barwikowski Collection

Identifier: WV 0188
Content Description

The collection includes an oral history transcript, 17 November 2000; a portrait photograph of Barwikowski in uniform, circa 1944.

Dates: 1944-2000

Bonnie James Baxter Collection

Identifier: WV 0329
Content Description

The collection includes an oral history transcript, 31 August 2005; correspondence to Bonnie with UNCG Women's Veterans Archivists 2005-2006; various photographs of Baxter and friends during her United States Coast Guard SPARs service, circa 1944-1946.

Dates: 1944-1946, 2005

Kathleen Bayne Collection

Identifier: WV 0110
Content Description

The collection includes Bayne's Women's Army Corps hat, 2 Women's Army Corps issued purses, olive drab enlisted winter uniform, a brown blouse, skirt and jacket with 4 gold buttons embossed with United States Great Seal, and 1 Women's Army Corps olive drab enlisted garrison cap with gold and green piping.

Dates: circa 1943-1999

Judith C. Bennett Collection

Identifier: WV 0290
Scope and Contents The bulk of this collection consists of letters dated 1944-1945 from Lt. Judith C. Bennett to her family in Corsicana, Texas, while she was stationed in New Guinea with the Women's Army Corps. The letters contain excellent descriptions about WAC life in New Guinea as well as the responsibilities of command. Several letters describe in detail the native culture, its dress and way of life. A few letters contain sketches of native dress, instruments, and customs. Also included in this...
Dates: 1944-1945

Anne E. Horney Boehmer Collection

Identifier: WV 0508

Alice C. Boehret Collection

Identifier: WV 0166
Content Description

The collection includes an oral history transcript, 15 May 2000; an Army Nurse Corps memoir, 1942-1946; various military papers; a photo album; personal papers, including copy of dissertation, 1972; various newspaper clippings; 3rd Service Command patch; herring bone twill (HBT) work uniform; wool liner for jacket and pants; scarf; boots.

Dates: 1942-2000

Margaret L. Bohler Letter

Identifier: WV 0377
Scope and Contents

The V-mail letter is dated 18 April; 1943. Bohler was working to establish a hospital in India and in the letter she describes her living conditions there.

Dates: 1943 April 18

Mary Kate Bonds Collection

Identifier: WV 0415
Content Description

Mary Kate Bonds (1920-2012) of Chickamauga, Georgia, served in the United States Navy Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service [WAVES], United States Naval Reserve, and the United States Navy. Bonds served as a military officer from 1942 till 1971. Her career spanned World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

This collection includes 11 June 2008 oral history transcript, copies of photographs, letter.

Dates: 2008 June 11

Ruth M. Bonin Collection

Identifier: WV 0224
Content Description

Newspaper articles from Ruth's service in the WAC and WAC bowling league 1944; military discharge papers 1946; photographs of Ruth with family and during her service 1943-45; personal diary 1942-43; Artifact Box 1 contains WAC Ribbon WWII; Collar Insignia (6) Bronze ; WAC Collar devices Pallas Athene (2).

Dates: 1942-1945

Bernice Bonner Collection

Identifier: WV 0189
Content Description

The collection includes various correspondence, September 1943-July 1945; various photographs, 1943-1945; mixed materials including Christmas greetings, an order from the Postmaster General, a letter from her husband.

Dates: circa 1943-1945

Mildred Ikard "Billie" Bourgeois Collection

Identifier: WV 0486
Content Description

The collection includes a portrait photograph of Bourgeois in uniform, circa 1944-1946; an oral history transcript, 12 May 2010.

Dates: circa 1944-1946

Westray Battle Boyce Collection

Identifier: WV 0472
Abstract Westray Battle Boyce (1901 - 1972), of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, served as part of the Women's Auxiliary Army Corp (WAAC) and Women's Army Corp (WAC) from 1942 to 1947. She served under General Eisenhower in North Africa and is the first woman to have received the Legion of Merit medal. In 1945, she succeeded Colonel Oveta Culp Hobby as director of the WAC and served as its second director until her retirement from military service in 1947.Collection contains copies of letters...
Dates: 1943-1975; Other: Date acquired: 2009

Caroline Harrington Bradburn Bradford Collection

Identifier: WV 0571
Content Description

This collection includes November 2014 oral history transcript; a photograph; 1945 travel orders; and 10 digital copies of clippings; military papers and photographs.

Dates: 1945-2014

Shirley Van Brakle Collection

Identifier: WV 0221
Content Description

The collection contains photographs, correspondence, and newspaper clippings.

Dates: circa 1942-1954

Mary H. Bratt Service Diary

Identifier: WV 0522
Content Description

This collection includes "Service Diary U.S. Army, Daytona Beach, Florida" is printed on the cover. Bratt added her name and "2nd W.A.A.C. T.C." Entries begin on 27 March 1943. The diary includes pages for general identification, listing "My Buddies" while in the service, "Officers you have met," and many other subjects related to time in basic training.

Dates: 1943

Matilda Rubenstein Brenner Collection

Identifier: WV 0210
Content Description

Memoir,"Mattie Rubenstein Brenner: Her World War II Story"; "Haledon Woman on Wounded List;" Newark Evening News, 18 December 1944; "Lt. Rubenstein; Wounded by V-Bomb; Home on Hospital Ship;" n.d.; "Lt. Matilda Rubenstein First Woman Casualty From Area;" circa November 1944; photocopies of photographs, circa 1942-1944.

Dates: 1942-1947

Jean M. Bright Collection

Identifier: WV 0295
Scope and Contents Papers, photographs, an oral history interview, and artifacts and textiles document Jean M. Bright's Red Cross service in New Guinea, Japan, and the Philippines during World War II. Papers include five postcards from New Guinea; a postcard of the S.S. Lurline, the passenger troop ship that Bright sailed on; a 1945 Christmas card from the Philippines; and a 1944 immunization register. Postcards contain brief messages about an all-African American church in New Guinea and about the cabin...
Dates: 1944-1946, 2004-2005

Blanche Berrier Brinkley Collection

Identifier: WV 0384
Content Description

Typed memior of service in the Medical Corps Naval Reserve from 1943-1946; various photographs of Blanche; others while serving in Okinawa and also photographs of Hawaii

Dates: circa 1943-1989

Jane Gail Brister Collection

Identifier: WV 0115
Scope and Contents The Brister Papers contains a significant amount of of printed materials and photos, primarily from her time stationed in Germany in 1945-1946, 1951-1954, and 1959-1961. These document her tours in the European Theater Intelligence School, the Intelligence Center at Camp King, the Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Forces (HQ SHAEF), and the Soviet intelligence training school. Her experiences at Fort Oglethorpe; the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York; Army...
Dates: 1943-1999

Florence Beatrice O'Brien Broomfield Photographs

Identifier: WV 0466
Content Description

The collection includes various photographs of members of WAC, Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS); the women's branch of the British army, and French army women march in a parade down the Champs-Elysées celebrating the third anniversary of women in the army in the United States in May 1945.

Dates: 1945 May

Meredith Campbell Collection

Identifier: WV 0397
Content Description

The collection includes 2007 oral history and copies of photographs.

Dates: 2007

Nancy E. Carter Family Collection

Identifier: WV 0322
Scope and Contents Correspondence to and from Nancy E. Carter beginning in 1942. Letters written by Carter between 1942 and 1943 describe her recruiting experience in the WAAC, basic training at Daytona Beach, her daily routine, and social activities. Lengthy letters from France between 1944 and 1945 include information about her daily life, accommodations, and entertainment activities. Specific subjects include attending ballets, operas, and USO shows, as well as shopping and sightseeing in Paris. A few...
Dates: 1942 - 1992

Kathryn B. Cerwinski Photograph Album

Identifier: WV 0710
Content Description Photograph album titled “Evolution of Kathryn B. Cerwinski from Civilian, First Class to Tech/Sgt, WAC, June 30, 1943 to March 20, 1946,” Other than the first four images, which show Cerwinski “fresh out of basic” at Fort Devens in Massachusetts, and around 26 photos of Cerwinski on furlough, the entirety of the album is devoted to her time with Headquarters Detachment at the WAC Third WAC Training Center, Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, between 1944 and 1946. This includes portraits of Cerwinski...
Dates: 1943-1946

Lola Forbes Chaconas Collection

Identifier: WV 0255
Content Description

The collection includes Honorable Discharge paperwork, 1944; obituary, circa 1988; Veterans Administration ID card, no date; photograph (copy), circa 1942 to 1944; khaki uniform, jacket and skirt, circa 1942 to 1944; overseas cap, circa 1944; Women's Army Corps (WAC) ribbon, circa 1944.

Dates: circa 1942-1988

Mary Markarian Charpentier Collection

Identifier: WV 0528
Content Description

The collection contains photographs; honorable discharge papers; correspondence from Charpentier to her children in Nashua, New Hampshire; and copies of correspondence and photographs.

Dates: circa 1940s

Dorothy Coley Collection

Identifier: WV 0117
Content Description

The collection includes an oral history transcript, 8 November 1999; various photographs of Coley's American Red Cross service and graduation from Women's College, 1940-1982; Artifact Box 1 contains American Red Cross Consignee pin.

Dates: circa 1940-1999

Julia "Judy" Houk Cooley Collection

Identifier: WV 0452
Content Description

The collection includes digitized photographs of Cooley in uniform, circa 1944-1947; Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES) garrison cap insignia and collar insignia; a 12 March 2009 oral history transcript.

Dates: circa 1944-1947

Ruth Coster Collection

Identifier: WV 0145
Content Description

The collection includes a 2000 February 4 oral history transcript; a handwritten military highlights timeline; a copy of an official Honorable Discharge paperwork; newspaper clippings, 1944 to 1946 and 1994; copies of photographs during Coster's service, 1944 to 1945; and copy of Coster's time at Women in Military Service for America Memorial (WIMSA), 1997.

Dates: 1944-2000

Helen Louise Cowgill Collection

Identifier: WV 0475

Helen Louise Cowgill (1919-2008) of Syracuse, New York, was a segeant in the U.S. Women's Army Corps (WAC) from 1945 until 1948.

This collection contains correspondence 1945-1948 by Helen Cowgill, one newspaper clipping, and a letter from Cowgill's brother William.

Dates: 1945-1948; Other: Date acquired: 12/20/2009

Catherine "Kay" Cox Collection

Identifier: WV 0366
Scope and Contents

The collection contains approximately fifty letters written by Cox to Robert W. Curwen (1921-2008), a friend in the U.S. Army Air Forces, during World War II. The letters contain information on Cox's duties in the WAC and her thoughts on the U.S. Army. Included is a copy of the 14 March 1944 Pill Pusher, the newspaper of the Stark General Army Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina.

Dates: 1939-1968

Geneva Spratt Craig Collection

Identifier: WV 0505
Content Description

Geneva Spratt Craig (b. 1919), of Dysartsville, North Carolina, served in the United States Navy WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) from 1943 to 1946.

This collection includes an oral history transcript, 18 November 2010; various scanned photographs.

Dates: 2010 November 18

Genevieve Crick Collection

Identifier: WV 0306
Scope and Contents Letters from 1944 and 1945, some sent from Oregon and some from California, describe a few of Crick's day-to-day activities in the Women's Army Corps as well as many nonservice-related personal issues. Subjects include social activities; her engagement to Leonard Levy and their inability to get furloughs in order to get married; her new nephew and the rest of her family; descriptions of the scenery in Oregon and California; her work as a cashier at movie showings at the base; her night...
Dates: 1944 - 1945

Ruth E. Curtis Collection

Identifier: WV 0300

Ruth Curtis served with the American Red Cross in the China-India-Burma theater during World War II.

Seven letters from Ruth Curtis to her family in Springfield, Massachusetts, trace her travels to India in late 1945 and early 1946.

Dates: 1945 - 1946

Mildred D. Dalrymple Collection

Identifier: WV 0336
Content Description

The collection includes an oral history transcript, 28 December 2005; various newspaper clippings, September-December 1944 and September 2002; various photographs, circa 1944.

Dates: circa 1944-2005

Coralee "Coco" Burson Davis Collection

Identifier: WV 0222

Coralee "Coco" Burson Davis (1921-2016), of Pasadena, California, served in the Coast Guard SPARS from 1942-1946 and was a member of the Tars and Spars musical revue and movie cast.

Dates: 1942-1946

Patricia Keegan Delaney Collection

Identifier: WV 0209
Content Description 1 May 2001 oral hIstory transcript; Navy WAVES Newsletter "Sounding Off" dated June 22, 1943; photocopy of Booklet "How to serve your county in the WAVES of SPARS" (not dated) Patricia is photographed in this publication; Marching to Victory Booklet of songs and hymns for enlisted Navy WAVES servicemembers; various newspaper clippings 1943-1945; photograph of Eleanor Roosevelt with Navy Captian during WAVES review,1942; photograph of Patricia in front of the Northampton Tavern while...
Dates: 1942-1945

Josephine L. DePietro Collection

Identifier: WV 0461
Scope and Contents This collection consists of twenty-eight letters written to and from DePietro's friends and family. The collection begins with the letters written by DePietro when she attended nursing school; the last letter in the collection is addressed to her parents and discusses news from family and provides updates on her activities. Most of the letters are written to her; there are letters from her significant other Sam, who was stationed with the Army Air Force at Bowman Field in Kentucky. There are...
Dates: 1938-1945; Other: Date acquired: 2009 April 13

Mary C. Dickson Collection

Identifier: WV 0465
Scope and Contents This collection contains paperwork detailing standard regulations of the United States Marines Women's Reserve (USMCWR), personal and official correspondence, newsletters, song lyrics, personnel sheets, an ID card, a bumper sticker, and a photograph. The personal letters written by Dickson to her family talk about her travel experiences and life in the Marines; however most of the collection consists of official correspondence. There is one photograph of her sitting at her desk with her...
Dates: 1943-1946; Other: Date acquired: 05/00/2009

Ellen Mercer Diming Collection

Identifier: WV 0229
Content Description

The collection includes a photograph of Diming in her WAVES overcoat and biographical information recorded during her oral history interview, handwritten.

Dates: circa 1944-1946

Nadine Dotts Doucet Collection

Identifier: WV 0288
Scope and Contents

WAVES uniform items worn by Nadine Doucet during World War II. Items include blue and white dress uniforms, shirts, and several hats and ties.

Dates: circa 1940-1949

Mary Gage Dunham Oral History

Identifier: WV 0143
Content Description

The collection includes an oral history transcript, 16 January 2000.

Dates: 2000 January 16

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