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United States. Army Nurse Corps -- Women

Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 71 Collections and/or Records:

Maribeth Snyder Peters Collection

Identifier: WV 0530
Content Description

This collection includes an oral history transcript, 14 March 2012; various scanned photographs, circa 1968-1971.

Dates: 1969-2012

Annie Pozyck Collection

Identifier: WV 0333
Content Description The collection includes an oral history transcript, 20 July 2005; personal letters (photocopies) from January 1945 - September 1945; Textile box contains Army Nurse Corps olive drab wool officers jacket and skirt, circa 1943; bronze star medal with asiata pacific insignia; WWII victory medal; Phillipines liberation medal; United States Navy gold insignia; American Campaign medal; Army services patch. portrait photograph of Annie and also a portrait photograph of Annie and her husband in...
Dates: 1943-1946, 2005

Estelle Garner Ptaszynski Collection

Identifier: WV 0033
Content Description

The collection includes an oral history transcript, 5 February 1999; various photographs of Ptaszynski’s Army Nurse Corps service as a surgical nurse, 1943-1944.

Dates: circa 1943-1999

Sammie M. Rice Collection

Identifier: WV 0257
Content Description

The collection includes various correspondence, 1942-1947; various photographs of Rice during her Army Nurse Corps service, circa 1942-1945; various clippings, including topics about her service and when in college, circa 1942-1950.

Dates: 1942-1950

Irene M. Rich Collection

Identifier: WV 0361
Content Description

This collection includes 9 August 2006 oral history transcript; Institute of Medicine Publications on Breast Cancer Research from the Department of Defense with Irene listed in the Appendix (pg 113) having provided testimony to the committee, circa 1997; Strategies for Managing the Breast Cancer Research Program, circa 1993; Published paper written by Irene among others on the DOD Breast Cancer Research Program, dated 1998 .

Dates: 1993-1998, 2006

Erma G. Riedel Photograph Album

Identifier: WV 0709
Content Description

Photograph album includes over 250 photographs taken by Riedel during her Army Nurse Corps service. Included are images of soldiers and nurses at Fort Des Moines, Iowa and images of nurses, patients, buildings and wards at Camp Kerhuon, France. There are also photographs taken during her travels around France and Italy and of Riedel's return voyage back to the United States. There are also approxiamately 80 commercial photographs of France during the war.

Dates: 1918-1920

Sandra Van Neel Ross Collection

Identifier: WV 0584
Content Description The collection includes a 29 April 2015 oral history transcript; a photograph of Ward 5 neurosurgery, South Vietnam, 1968; a photograph of Ross, South Vietnam, December 1968; a photograph of Ross in uniform, undated; a photograph of Ross with several other at workshop, Germany, May 1968; a photograph of Ross looking out at Long Binh post, South Vietnam, circa 1968-1969; a portrait photograph of Ross, September 1970; a photograph of Ross leaving Heidelberg, Germany, June 1971; 2 photographs...
Dates: circa 1965-1985

Elsie Chin Yuen Seetoo Collection

Identifier: WV 0331
Content Description

The collection includes an oral history transcript, 9 September 2005; undated speech written by Elsie about her life story including living in Stockton, California and moving to China in 1931, joining the Chinese Red Cross during WWII, and subsequent events until 1946 when she left her family in China and moved back to the United States; photographs of Elsie during her service the Chinese Medical Relief Corps, circa 1939-1946.

Dates: 1931, 1946, 2005

Ruth and James Paul Shadewaldt Correpsondence

Identifier: WV 0352
Content Description

Two World War II V-mail albums of correspondence between brother and sisters. Ruth was serving in the Army Nurse Corps and was stationed in the Pacific; Her brother James Paul was serving in the Europe Theater of Operations.

Dates: 1944 February-1945 April

Mary Ellen Shugart Collection

Identifier: WV 0583
Content Description

The collection includes an oral history transcript, 28 April 2015; 3 magazine publications, December 1993-November 2011; various scanned photographs, 1964-1970.

Dates: circa 1964-2015

Kathleen Lynch Simpson Collection

Identifier: WV0533
Content Description

May 2012 oral history transcript; Army Nurse Corps Desert Battle Dress Uniform ("Chocolate Chip") uniform (shirt, trousers,boonie hat), circa early 1990s.

Dates: circa 1990, 2012

Glennette Page Staloch Collection

Identifier: WV 0305
Content Description

The collection includes an oral history transcript with accompanying video tape of interview, undated.

Dates: circa 1942-1945

Lillian Sutter Letter

Identifier: WV 0350
Content Description

This letter is dated 20 June, 1945. In it Sutter discusses the overseas voyage in which she stopped in Australia and Calcutta, India. She writes about her impressions of Calcutta and her living conditions and the hospital at her posting in Assam, India. Sutter also describes the typhoid ward to which she is assigned, the chaplain at the post, and her reaction to V-E Day.

Dates: 1945 June 20

Paula K. Jackan Trivette Collection

Identifier: WV 0512
Content Description

This collection includes an oral history transcript, 10 April 2011; photographs and press clippings about Trivette; a student nurse cap.

Dates: 1987-2011

Frances Bradsher Turner Collection

Identifier: WV 0236
Content Description

The collection includes an oral history transcript, 7 January 2002; various photographs of Frances' Army Nurse Corps service, 1942-1971; a resume documenting rank, awards and service in Army.

Dates: 1951-1973

Mildred Parish Turton Collection

Identifier: WV 0144
Content Description

The collection includes paperwork for Army Nurse Discharge, 21 August 1952.

Dates: 1952 August 21

Rachel Brower Twiddy Collection

Identifier: WV 0133
Abstract Rachel Twiddy (1917-2010), of Liberty, North Carolina, served in the Army Nurse Corps (ANC) at Ford Ord, California, from 1942 until the fall of 1943.The collection includes a 13 December 1999 oral history transcript; portrait photograph of Rachel in Army Nurse Corps uniform with garrison cap, 1942; photographs of Rachel with coworkers and patients at Hospital in Fort Ord, California during World War II, 1942-1943; photocopy of Rachel's Army Nurse Corps Identification Card;...
Dates: circa 1942 to 1943

Unknown WWII U.S. Army Nurse Diary

Identifier: WV 0265
Scope and Contents

This diary was written from 1942-1945 by an unknown nurse in the Army Nurse Corps. She served at a hospital in Tehran, Iran.

Dates: 1942-1945

Sandra L. Venegoni Oral History

Identifier: WV 0481

Sandra Venegoni (b. 1940), of St. Louis, Missouri served in the United States Army Reserve and United States Army Nurse Corps from 1972 until 1995.

The collection includes a 2010 March 16 oral history transcript.

Dates: 2010 March 16

Juanita Webster Collection

Identifier: WV 0167
Scope and Contents

The collection includes an oral history transcript, 21 May 2000; a typed autobiography of Webster's service, 25 pages.

Dates: 1942-2000