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Mabel Converse Chipman Diary, 1899

 Item — Box: 1, Item: 1
Identifier: MSS 0282- Series 1- Item Item 1
Scope and Contents

The diary of Mabel Converse Chipman of Roxbury, Massachusetts, near Boston, lists day to day activities with few recorded details. The author mentions singing and french classes with a list of books read at the end of the diary.

There are notations that mention visiting the Algonquin Club (6/16), going to town and the river. Places mentioned include Roxbury, Cambridge, and Benton, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.

Dates: 1899

Carrie Hallett Diary, 1876

 Item — Box: 1
Identifier: MSS 0282- Series 1- Item Item 2
Scope and Contents

Carrie was a young girl living with her grandparents near Philadelphia, her parents being absent much of time. In her diary she records her daily activities, her joy at her parents visits, her readings and religious thoughts.

Places mentioned include Portland, Maine and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dates: 1876

Leila Kingsbury Diary, 1866

 Item — Box: 1
Identifier: MSS 0282- Series 1- Item Item 3
Scope and Contents

This journal centers on the daily activites of a school aged girl living near the village of Wilmington, Vermont. Leila Kingsbury records daily accounts of the weather, school and household chores performed by her and her mother, and also farm duties carried out by her father, uncles, grandfather, and other men, possibly neighbors.

Places mentioned include Wilminton and Marlboro, Vermont.

Dates: 1866

Nettie Heckerman Diary, 1893 - 1903

 Item — Box: 1
Identifier: MSS 0282- Series 1- Item Item 4
Scope and Contents Nettie Heckerman was born circa 1877 in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Her journal entries, begun around age sixteen, mainly focus on social activities, including sledding and skating during the winter months.She mentions two summer camps in the journal, Camp Gash Les Trak and Camp Dona at Point View, where she spent two weeks during the summer.Journal entries cease after 1896, but resume in 1902. Still focusing on her social life, she discusses plays, including ...
Dates: 1893 - 1903

Jennie E. Adams Diary and Account Book, 1870

 Item — Box: 1
Identifier: MSS 0282- Series 1- Item Item 5-6
Scope and Contents

This diary was created by Jennie Adams, a young African-American girl from western Pennsylvania. She records her daily activities of sewing, church, prayer meetings, and piano lessons. In addition, she describes her interactions with her parents, friends, and relatives. She talks of "going over the creek" almost daily to attend school, run errands, and attend church in the local town.

Dates: 1870

Alice Post Diary, 1870

 Item — Box: 1
Identifier: MSS 0282- Series 1- Item Item 7
Scope and Contents This diary belonged to Alice Post, a young Quaker woman living in Rochester, New York. The diary entires are between June 1-December 20, 1870. Entries mention of daily activities at home and at a Quaker School near East Hamburg, Erie County, New York in addition to seances, various games/activities (cards,checkers, and crotchet), working as a clerk in a store, tending to her cutter, and visits to friends and family. Alice Post was the daughter of Joseph W. Post and the grand-daughter of...
Dates: 1870